Bird Control

Bird Control

Bird Control

Pigeons, seagulls and other common bird types can be a noisy nuisance. Droppings damage cars and buildings, and both birds and their nesting materials can harbour diseases that can pass to humans.

Bird control can be divided into two areas; Arrow has specialist teams in both:

• Bird scaring
• Bird proofing for commercial and industrial clients.

Falconry Bird Control

Bird Scaring

The art of falconry (using falcons to hunt game birds) goes back many centuries. It requires long hours and constant devotion and is really only suitable where a full time presence is required, for example for landfill sites, aerodromes etc

Our falconers include some of the most experienced in the country and include prominent members of the Irish Hawking Club and falconers who themselves give falconry courses for beginners and for the more advanced. We have been consulted by Dúchas and R.T.É on falconry matters.